Area weather forecast 11-10-2023

Partly cloudy skies and continued cool temperatures for Friday and the start of the Oklahoma state football playoffs in southeastern Oklahoma.

The high is forecast to be 65 degrees with a low of 41 degrees so those of you going to a playoff game tonight should be prepared.

Sunrise is 6:47 a.m. with sunset at 5:16 p.m.

Thursday’s high was 61 with a low of 47. A total of 1.05 inches of rain was recorded, bringing the monthly total to 1.05 inches. Average rainfall for November is 3.00 inches so we got over a third of that total Thursday.

Average temperatures for Nov. 10 are a high of 65 and low of 37.

Record temperatures for the date were a high of 80 in 1980 and a low of 24 in 1977.

Last year on Nov. 10, the high was 77 with a low of 55.

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Craig Hall
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