Commissioners hear from Panama family


POTEAU – LeFlore County commissioners heard concerns from a rural Panama family about a road they want closed.

Jimmy Pierce and his son and daughter said they spent more than a year seeking to have the road closed, then, on their attorney’s advice, sent certified letters to commissioners and the district attorney stating their intention to close the road themselves.

They said the road cuts across a corner of the elder Pierce’s property from one county line road to another and is unneeded and dangerous. They said the road began as a trail years ago and later became used by vehicles. They said it is not an official county road, though the county apparently began maintaining it several years ago.

They said they closed the road over the weekend, putting up detour signs, and were told they could face a citation and even arrest as a result.

Commissioner Cody Covey said if the county had been maintaining a road for more than three years, it becomes a county road. Sheriff Rodney Derryberry said he would visit the site with someone from the DA’s office and report back on the situation.

Because the discussion took place after the regular meeting and was not on the agenda, no action was taken.

Commissioners also agreed to pay a $335,082 pay estimate from Robins Construction for work on the Conser Road project.

They also approved the Country Club Road project.

A contract between the county and the Craig County Detention Center for juvenile service was renewed.

The receiving officer for all county rural fire departments was changed from Gina Rogers to Sarah Rivera. Requisition officer for the county Detention Center was changed from Craig Olive to Dana Gibson.

A resolution allowing the county treasurer to reinvest surplus health funds for June was approved.

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