Look for the sunny side of life

Look for the sunny side of life


Well, since I don’t have many scheduled live-music events to mention, you’ll just have to read about my favorite subject — me.

All I need sometimes to lift my spirits is a thought, call or song from a friend — just to know that I am not alone and loved. I’ve been a little needy lately. I got this from Tim Campbell, who I look up to in all spiritual matters. He’s a sponsor, guide and a fine example for me.

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It has been a winter to remember as trials with health have caused me some problems. So, things have been up some and down some, and, yet, there’s always an answer to my simple prayers for strength. However, I can still whine and complain, be grumpy and unhappy. In recovery, we like to call it “having a pity party.” Who am I to complain, or even question? With faith, there’s confidence in the outcome. Always God’s will shall be done.

So Tim sent me this Gaither Family song. and it set me straight, for I have nothing to complain about — just a few things to endure. It has a verse that just floored me. I needed it. It goes, “There’s a roof up above me, a good place to sleep. There’s food on my table and shoes on my feet. You gave me Your love, Lord, and a fine family. Thank You, Lord, for your blessings on me.” So, count your blessings — be grateful, not hateful, charitable to anyone, anytime that you can. Lift somebody up today.

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I’ve got a new friend, Annie Kobus, who has a love of live music and a great Facebook page, The Red Dirt Blues Society, that asks me about the content of my column. Was it religious or faith-based? Well, I guess it is more so this morning. Church is where I got my love for music — in a little holy-roller, jump-and-shout,Assembly of God Church of Latham. So yes, I lean to the spiritual side. It’s in me, and it’s got to come out sometimes. Thanks for letting me write about me and my many blessings.

As for live Music this weekend, “Rhythm Coalition” is really laying down the jams with its arrangements of R&B, soul and jazz. The band is “the rockin’ pneumonia” and “the boogie-woogie flu” all rolled up into one. The band has a J.J.’s Grill two-fer this weekend. Catch them at J.J.’s Grill in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on Friday, then, Saturday up the road at J.J.’s Grill in Fayetteville, Arkansas Catch the band’s shows from 7-10 p.m. both nights. 

“The Richard Rauch Band” will be at the Fort Smith Senior Activity Center on Cavanaugh Road on Friday night. Great place to dance and it’s a NS/ND venue. The music will start at 7 p.m.

Dawn’s Diner in Red Oak will not have music this weekend as the Red Oak basketball teams made the Class A State Tournament, which will be Thursday through Saturday in Oklahoma City. 

That ain’t all that I got to say, but it’s a good place to stop.

For additional questions about any live-music events or to let me know about any such venues, call or text message me at (918) 649-5736 or e-mail me at tj.wiles61@outlook.com.

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