Support live music 1-23-2024

Look for the sunny side of life

By Terry Joe Wiles

Support local, live music.

Hope you all got through this cold winter chill

Well, this little cold snap broke records, froze pipes and messed up schedules. Even when roads were safe to travel, there was no power or water at the dance halls. Now, I’m not going to bore you with stories about Lou’s Triangle Club. It was at the top of the Ouachita Mountains at the west end of the Talimena Skyline Drive. I can’t remember a weekend that it was closed. If someone slipped off the road, a kind honky-tonker would offer a ride home after the dance or tow them in the direction of the party — never away from it. The show must go on!

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We survived at Coal Creek with extra heaters, dripping faucets and washing and drying a lot of clothes. We used the heat from the dryer to keep the laundry warm. Nothing froze except one of the dogs, who we had to take a hair dryer to get her thawed off the ground. Then, on the first day of snow, I was trying to be prepared and get the T-handled wrench close to our water meter, but I had a little trouble finding it because the new meter had a white top. It took a minute. Here’s hoping anyone with trouble during this deep freeze a quick repair and warm, cozy sleeping.

The weather this weekend shows to be more tolerable with highs of 50-plus degrees and lows at around 35 degrees, so put your dancing shoes next to the door and plan on going listening to some live music.

As for live music this week, “The Al Grzech Trio” will be at the LeFlore County Museum at Hotel Lowery from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday. If you enjoy listening to all kinds of music, then this is for you. jazz, pop and even a blues tune or two will be played by three of the best musicians in our area — Al Grzech/keyboards, David Hoffpauir/guitar and Dale Fraze Sr./drums — who will cover several decades of music. This show is put on by David and Donna Deaton. Their dedication to this event and the showcasing of several rooms of displays from LeFlore County history are to be commended. My favorite display is the Poteau Pirate rooms. There will be snacks and drinks available, and the evening is free to the public. See you there.

Dawn’s Diner in Red Oak will have music this weekend. On Friday, “The Stagemasters” will be on stage to get the place a hopping with great classic country and rock with an original in the mix. Randy Smith/guitar and vocals, David Hoffpauir/guitar and vocals, Larry Hight/bass and vocals and Terry Barnes/drums and vocals come together and make some mighty pretty music. Many years of experience from this band are used to keep the dance floor full. They work a crowd by playing the right song at the right time. You will be a fan of them in a hurry.

Then on Saturday at Dawn’s Diner, Paden Baggett will play for the dancers. Paden has a great voice and a strong rhythm guitar to make his music solid and enjoyable. He stays busy playing both sides of the state line. Watch for this young man. He has great potential. Music for both nights will kick off at 7 p.m.

“The Shady Oak Tribadours” are on the road this week in Wilburton as the band makes a return engagement to The Dry County Bar. This place has a “Cheers” kind of vibe, and the band has quickly become a favorite here. Music will be from 8-11 p.m.

Then, a short hour or so drive to Fort Smith, Arkansas, it’s Joe’s Cantina. This establishment has got great Tex-Mex cuisine and adult beverages. Check it out from 6-9 p.m.

Back on track, “Oklahoma Moon” will bring its style and flavor of country music to Muldrow City Limits. The song selection, three- and four-part harmony and country swing all shine the spotlight on each of these musicians from song to song. Oftentimes, a spot of humor will shine through — sometimes even funny. However, please be kind and laugh. Musicians are a sensitive bunch, you know. The dance begins at 7 p.m. Get there early as a steady 80-plus crowd has been showing up.

That ain’t all I got to say, but it’s a good place to stop. I hope you enjoy this weekend. All I can say is come on springtime.

For additional information about any live-music events or to let me know of any such venues, call or text message me at (918) 649-5736 or e-mail me at

Thanks to all for supporting live music.

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