2023 LeFlore County basketball schedule

2023 LeFlore County basketball schedule.

Jan. 3

 Arkoma at Cameron; Wilburton at Heavener; LeFlore at McCurtain; Wister at Panama; Talihina at Pocola; Pocola at Talihina; Spiro at Checotah

Jan. 5

 Panama at Quinton; Spiro at Warner Tournament; Talihina at Kingston Tournament; Whitesboro, Wister at Arkansas River Shootout

Jan. 6

 Hartshorne at Heavener; Howe at Westville; Whitesboro, Wister at Webbers Falls Tournament

Jan. 9

 Poteau at Heavener; Howe at Vian; Hartshorne at Talihina

Jan. 10

Talihina at Heavener; Howe at Oktaha; Red Oak at LeFlore; Stigler at Pocola; Spiro at Roland; Smithville at Whitesboro

Jan. 12

 Bokoshe at Cave Springs; Howe at Keys

Jan. 13

 Gans at Arkoma; Stigler at Heavener; LeFlore at Quinton; Pocola at Hartshorne; Stilwell at Spiro; Talihina at Wilburton; Whitesboro at Red Oak

Jan. 16


Jan. 17


Jan. 19


Jan. 20


Jan. 21


Jan. 23

 McCurtain at Panama

Jan. 24

 Haileyville at Bokoshe; Cameron at Braggs; Heavener at Pocola; Whitesboro at LeFlore; Muldrow at Poteau; Spiro at Sallisaw; Talihina at Hartshorne; Wilburton at Wister

Jan. 26

 Bokoshe at Braggs; Battiest at Cameron; LeFlore at Kinta; Poteau at Panama; Whitesboro at Moyers

Jan. 27

 Buffalo Valley at Cameron; Cameron at Clayton; Heavener at Wilburton; Howe at Red Oak; Talihina at Pocola; Poteau at Spiro; Quinton at Wister

Jan. 28

 Panama at Gore

Jan. 30

 Pocola at Panama

Jan. 31

 McCurtain at Arkoma; Kinta at Cameron; Heavener at Talihina; Quinton at Howe; LeFlore at Smithville; Pocola at Stigler; Roland at Poteau; Muldrow at Spiro; Crowder at Whitesboro; Wister at Red Oak

Feb. 2

 Arkoma at Kinta; Cameron at LeFlore; Westville at Howe; Wilburton at Talihina; Wister at Gans

Feb. 3

 Arkoma at Wister; Heavener at Hartshorne; Panama at LeFlore; Wilburton at Pocola; Poteau at Stilwell; Talihina at Stigler

Feb. 4

 Panama at Howe

Feb. 6

 Keota at Bokoshe; Hartshorne at Pocola

Feb. 7

 Bokoshe at Arkoma; Howe at Central Sallisaw; Wister at Poteau; Roland at Spiro; Wright City at Whitesboro

Feb. 10

 Heavener at Stigler; Wilburton at Howe; Panama at Wister; Spiro at Stilwell

Feb. 11

 Vian at Howe; Pocola at Oklahoma Christian

Feb. 13

 Pocola at Heavener; LeFlore at Idabel; Spiro at Panama; Sallisaw at Poteau.

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