Cameron archery wins county

The Cameron high school and middle school archery teams won their third straight county championships Jan.. 24h at the fourth annth annual LeFlore County archery tournament.

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The Howe high school and middle school archery teams were runners-up for the third straight year. LeFlore placed third in the high school division and Shady Point placed third in the middle school division.

Team Scores (top three)

High school division:

Cameron – 3274

Howe – 3167

LeFlore – 2378

Middle school division:

Cameron – 3196

Howe – 3140

Shady Point – 2876

In addition to the top two team spots, Cameron and Howe each had the top archers of the tournament, both middle school students. Eighth grader Lexi Burnett from Howe was the top overall female with a 283 and eighth grader Derek Lehman from Cameron was the overall male with a 287.

Individual Medalists –

High School Division

Girls –

Champ: Brayli Beason (Cameron) – 277 (12 tens)

Runner-up: Jordyn Rivera (Cameron) – 277 (11 tens)

3rd Place: Mya Townley (Panama) – 276

4th Place: Elizabeth Goforth (Cameron) – 274

5th Place: Reanna Robertson (Howe) – 270

Boys –

Champ: Trenton Wagner (Cameron) – 286

Runner-up: Jake Cauthen (Cameron) – 280

3rd Place: Weston Graham (Howe) – 279

4th Place: Carl Brake (Arkoma) – 275

5th Place: Waylon Pinto (Howe) – 274

Middle School Division

Girls –

Champ: Lexi Burnett (Howe) – 283

Runner-up: Isabelle Ridenour (Cameron) – 277

3rd Place: Raini Baskins (Howe) – 273

4th Place: Maci Carney (Cameron) – 269

5th Place: Luxy Sweeten (Cameron) – 267

Boys –

Champ: Derek Lehman (Cameron) – 287

Runner-up: Jason Watts (Cameron) – 276

3rd Place: Sylus Cooper (Howe) – 274

4th Place: Rian Jones (Cameron) – 270

5th Place: Damian Elliott (Cameron) – 268

Currently, the Cameron Yellowjackets are ranked 3rd and 5th in Oklahoma in the middle and high school divisions respectively and the Howe Lions are ranked 7th and 10th. Both schools are expected to compete in the Grand State Shoot (state bullseye tournament) in Tulsa Feb. 21.

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