Support Live Music 10-24-2023

Ya know, I wish that I paid more attention in school. But it appears I ain’t too far from another publishing milestone. It is creepin’ up on five years that I have been writing the “Support Live Music” article. Since I can’t cipher without my Big Chief tablet (paper) or big pencil, somebody’ll have to let me know so I can prepare a barn-burner for a report on the anniversary.

Heck, cipherin’ is tough but the numbers are like friends at a hoedown. They all got their own special moves. Don’t know how but I git a different answer every time. How many weeks are in five years? Does that count leap year?

That being said, I have, for a while, neglected to mention another great source of live music that is a part of all our lives. The area’s high school marching bands. As the end of regular season football is comin’ up for most schools, we should consider how much the games would be lacking without the support of the oft’ played fight song after a touchdown and the halftime shows. Here’s a “hats off” to all the bands in local schools that have more musicians than there’s guitar pickers in Nashville. Thanks to all the parents and band boosters that give a foot up and support to some of our future lifetime musicians. 

While I’m on the subject, “The Pride of Poteau” marching band directed by Joey Marsh, ended their season of contest with a perfect score, all one’s. Way to go, Pride. And the Jazz band under Shane Winford’s capable direction has been revived. Following a long running tradition of “Stagebands”, this class has already shown potential. Shane studied and played at UAFS School of Music with Prof. Don Bailey, Director of Jazz. Don graciously offered to teach a jazz clinic for Poteau recently. What a great way to encourage these budding musicians to use their talents and continue to make music a part of their lives. I can’t wait for their first concert. Thanks, Don. And Thanks to Shane for his time, talents and effort. A BIG thanks to Joey Marsh. His guidance and hard work is showing on the field, in parades and on stage.
Oh ya, the marching season on the field for the “Pride” has been extended again by the Poteau Football team. The Pirates are 8-0 season/5-0 district, #1 in District 4-A and ranked #9 in the State. Let’s go Pirates and take it all the way to a state championship!

Just a reminder for bands and venues. Please send me your schedule-dates AND times. My article is turned in on the Friday a week ahead. It helps me and it helps your fans. If ya have a Facebook page or a website, please tend to them regularly and post as far ahead as you know. Include pics, flyers, or events and tag me in anything fb. Thanks  

Now, live music this week. This week, Taco Tuesday, La Huertas/Poteau will have “The Shady Oak Tribadours” playing from 6-9 p.m. This band has more fun on stage than the law allows. It is contagious, too. Come out, have a great meal and enjoy these guys. Again the band will be joined by Reggie Wells and Billy Hoffman. Then, the “Shady Oak Tribadours” head down in the mountains to Big Cedar. Gibby’s Bike Camp is throwing a Halloween costume party Saturday. The music starts at 6 p.m. 

“The Stagemasters” will play for the Halloween Costume Ball at the Spiro Eagles Saturday. Always a good time. Big dance floor and awesome country music. It starts at 7 p.m. Wear your best costume.

“59 South” has a big weekend planned. Starting Friday, they play for the dance at Dawn’s Diner/Red Oak. They start tuning up about 4 and the music is from 6 to 10 p.m. Then, “59 South” takes 120 East to Hackett, Arkansas and Crocky’s Cafe on Saturday. Music from 6 to 9 p.m.

I just had to give a mention to the interesting “MidWestern Thunder Silent Playboys”. I don’t think I would want this mixed up bunch herding my cattle but their music is exceptional. This is a scaled down version made up of duo, Jim Loveless and Mac Moad. They are the singin’est, playin’est, hardworking rascals making music at the moment. They have a lotta fun and you will too. Catch their show at Mitche’s Place over in Paris, Arkansas Friday starting at 7 p.m.

“Oklahoma Moon” will be playing at Neumeier’s Rib Room Friday. This band is a favorite here despite their huge appetites. Watching Ricky Ward eat is quite a show in itself. But listening to the music from this bunch is a real treat. Awesome harmonies, great songs and talent galore. Music from 6-9 p.m. at this Garrison Ave. Rib Room. “Paden Baggett” plays Saturday. Same time. Music and BBQ, can’t top that combo. Muldrow City Limits will have a Halloween Costume Party Saturday. Come out and do the Monster Mash to the music of “Gopher Run”. Great Country and Rockabilly. Music starts at 7 p.m. Prizes for the best costumes. 

That ain’t all I got to say but it’s a good place to quit. Contact me at 918-649-5736, Text or Thanks to all.