December is filled with live music


“Fill your day with Love and Laughter. If ya can’t do that, fill it with music”! – somebody?

I count my blessings that Black Friday is in the rearview mirror.
Shopping is safe for a week before the Christmas rush is on. I like cards better than gifts. It’s more personal, shows real friendship, much more in the spirit of the season. So get to the store near you, buy the cards before they get any pricier and make a friend and family list. Ya know, one year I made cards, homemade Christmas cards. Purty cool too.
Support live music       

Not much else on my mind but healing at the moment sooooo-live music this week. Dawn’s Diner/Red Oak will have two nites of awesome country music. Friday, “Earl Hearon and the Sound of Country” will play for the dance. Still the best country band in our area. Catch their show. Saturday, “Make It a Double” will be there. Connie and Dave Abbott bring their style of country duets in the vein of George and Tammy, Merle and Bonnie, Conway and Loretta and Waylon and Willie! Two nites of awesome country music and really good grub. See ya there.

“Rhythm Coalition”  will be half of a super nite on jazz, blues and funk at Hero’s on Garrison Avenue in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It takes place Friday from 8 until midnight. “Rhythm Coalition” would be enuf for a good nite out but throw in “The Struggle” and it will be a special nite of music. Catch this show.

 “Shady Oak Tribadours” will take the stage at the Knotty Pint in Fort Smith on Saturday. Music from 8-11 p.m. Gitchersef over there and have fun.

“Bourbon Rain” is just starting to come on the scene. But with seasoned musicians, they are guaranteed to entertain. They will play at the Fort Smith Senior Activity Center on Cavanaugh Road Friday starting at 7 p.m.

Prob the very best band North of the Arkansas. River, “The MidWestern Playboys” will be at the Muldrow City Limits Saturday. Always a good crowd and this band keeps the dance floor full. Make plans to be there. It starts at 7 p.m.

That ain’t all I got to say BUT it is a good place to stop. It’s good to be back in action. I’ll be dancing soon. Keep supporting live music! Contact me at 918-649-5736 or

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