OSSAA releases postseason play for smaller schools

The postseason playoff assignments for Class A and B LeFlore County schools. The home school is listed first.

Class A Area III

District 1—Tushka, Bennington and Talihina.

District 2—Wright City, Cameron, Crowder

District 4—Rattan, Savanna, Arkoma

Regional subsite is Cameron. Main site is Tushka. Area is Madill.

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Class B Area II

District 3 McCurtain, LeFlore, Oaks and Watts

Subsites is Calumet. Regional main site is Okmulgee. Area is at Henryetta

District 6– Stringtown, Kinta, Whitesboro, Calvin

Subsite is Kiowa. Regional main site is Strintown. Area is at Henryetta.

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