Ledger/LCJ picks Week 9 county games

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After taking time off to refresh the old batteries, have a stroke and show my ignorance at running a weekly newspaper, it is time.

Time to get back to picking the winners of football games involving LeFlore County football games. While things are much tougher, no Bokoshe games for an automatic “W”, we are confident on getting things done. After doing this for several years and setting records even the legendary Michael White, the Heavener one, couldn’t touch, we decided to return.

“But”, you are probably saying, “You kind of stink on this year’s picks.”

Yes, that is true, but that was just for fun, plus I wanted to build up everybody’s confidence. Now, those who do better than I do on a weekly basis can say “they kicked Craig’s behind” with the pride that comes from winning a mostly-meaningless contest done by a bunch of people because it is fun.

By the way, you people who owe the Ledger some moolah, please pay it so we can close the books on that chapter of our existence.

We are 53-18 so far this year and trail the leader in our pick-em badly. That will start to change now, since we are serious about this. I am so serious, I am not smiling. Honest.

Okay, enough of the blah, blah, it’s time to get down to picking the games. To make things fair, we are also picking the college games. Because, it is fair and we want to.

Here goes:

Heavener at Spiro: Might be the best game of the week. Heavener has an explosive offense while Spiro has a good defense. The winner of this game has a good shot at making the fourth playoff spot out of the district. If Spiro wins, the Bulldogs are basically in. If Heavener wins, it might come down to points, plus, the Wolfies need Antlers to beat Valliant. Spiro has dominated the series lately. But this isn’t the same Heavener. Heavener 21, Spiro 13.

Poteau at Ada: A matchup of two of the four teams tied for the lead in the whacky 4A-4 where it must be a law everybody alternates wins and losses among the leaders. These are two of the district leaders along with Broken Bow and Hilldale. Ada has the richest tradition of any school in Oklahoma, but has not been all that powerful as in the past. If Poteau wants to win another district, the Pirates must win. Poteau 35, Ada 26.

Central at Panama: This could be a pretty good game. Central is better than what people expect and Panama was on a roll before running into the Gore juggernaut last week. The Razorbacks are second in the district while Central is fourth. Panama could put a clamp down on a home football game with a win this week and next week against Haskell. This has been a really good rivalry. Panama 22, Central 20.

Pocola at Porter: Pocola continues to beat up teams the Indians should. The Indians are in third place and need to win and have Panama lose twice to get a home playoff game. Last regular season game for the Pocolians. Porter has struggled. Pocola big, serious. Sorry, Longs. Pocola 48, Porter 12.

Keota at Arkoma: The battle for the district championship, at least for Keota. Arkoma still has to play Welch, the town, not the jelly makers next week. Both teams are undefeated in district play. Keota might be a little too stout. Keota 42, Arkoma 28.

OU at Iowa State: Tough road game for an OU team which has not matured yet. There are no off weeks in the Big 12 any longer. If the Sooners want to go bowling, they better win this one or they will be celebrating the holidays in someplace like Shreveport. OU 24, Iowa State 21.

OSU at Kansas State: Always a tough game for OSU, especially after beating Texas last week. I do fear the Cowboys will have a hangover, no, not the drinking kind. Kansas State 28, OSU 13.

Arkansas at Auburn: Yeah, most people could give hardly a flip about this game, but we include it because we do have Arkansas fans. Honest. Auburn is trying once again to get rid of a coach. Arkansas 35, Auburn 14.

Ohio State at Penn State: We apologize our national game of the week came from the overrated Big 10, but there was a shortage of good games this week. Obviously. Penn State is not your typical Penn State. Neither is Ohio State. The Buckeyes are even better. Game stays close until the teams take the field, how’s that for a sports cliché. Buckeyes go big. Ohio State 35. Penn State 11.

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